"Birth-of-a-Bastard" : 154 House Rules

Jonah Doctor poisonface poison face Vergiftgerzicht Hellbastard Heinrich Von Bastard Floating skull laser eyes green sharp teeth disembodied cartoon comic birth of a bastard cranium fire breath hell demon spawn alien
Heinrich Von Bastard: I can’t be bothered trying to explain the metaphysics of it but essentially when we take this back up to Earth, neither of you will be able to leave it. It creates  a protective barrier that preserves you as if you were still in hell. Professor, if you left it you’d age and possibly attract the Leviathan. Jonah on the other hand would be reduced to a skeleton.
Jonah: I AM reduced to a skeleton.
Heinrich Von Bastard: Yeah, a walking talking one.
Jonah: Oh.
Heinrich Von Bastard: It’s cool though, I’ve decked it out with lots of cool stuff, so you’ll need never really to leave, but when I’m out and about, you’d be like Shockwave in Transformers stuck on Cybertron.
Jonah:  Uh, I don’t get that comparison.
Heinrich Von Bastard: No, no, of course not. That’s why I’m going to make you watch every episode of that cartoon on DVD.
Jonah: Why?
Heinrich Von Bastard: I reference it a lot.

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