"Birth-of-a-Bastard" : 151 The Hell Out

Infernium Demons purgatory hell fire hellfire shovel headbutt wings kick headkick requisition satan from the desk of satan free floating hovering save saving from hell help me i am in hell Skull floating green eyed monster demon hellbastard heinrich von bastard evil barend birth of a bastard
Heinrich Von Bastard: Hey.
Jonah: What the hell happened to you?
Heinrich Von Bastard: I’ll explain later. Let’s get you two out of here.
Demon: Not so fast. If you want to take condemned souls from under my supervision then you better be ready to battle. Or be carrying a 31B requisition form.
Heinrich Von Bastard: Have it your way then.
Demon:  Oommff!!!
Heinrich Von Bastard: Here
Demon: What’s that?
Heinrich Von Bastard:  A 31B requisition form
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