"Birth-of-a-Bastard" : 148 Snifters of Mercy

courvoisier xo remy martin xo cognac tardis doctor who
Hellyoda: Leave you here, we will. Party a my place, to go, we are. Sit and master levitation you must. Especially if sweet cognac; to drink, you desire.
Heinrich Von Bastard: Can I even drink anything? I don’t have  body!
Hellyoda:  How think, do you, into an empty ribcage, putting away German beer, were you before?
Heinrich Von Bastard: Ah... what? Can I get a translation on that?
Queen: He means you’ve been drinking with a fleshless body because it’s all going into your dimensionally transcendental skull. A genetic trait you got from me.
Heinrich Von Bastard: I see...
Hellyoda: A body, you never required. To live without; learn you must.

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