"Birth-of-a-Bastard" : 146 The Recuperation Lounge

The Recuperation Lounge jab stick eye hellyoda yoda squid monster alien satan metal white chillout
Queen: How do you feel?
Heinrich Von Bastard: Ohhh... my feet hurt.
Hellyoda: Well if they do, our problem, it no longer is.
Heinrich Von Bastard:  Hey, I can’t move? I can’t feel my... Wait. What the hell is this painfully bright void we’re in?
Satan: This is my recuperation lounge.  A place to chill out when it all gets too much. And getting you head punched off by God is pretty much what I consider a prime candidate for the very definition of “too much” of to where “all” has got.
Heinrich Von Bastard: Well, it’s mind numbingly bright. I feel completely detatched from reality here. I can’t tell what’s real or not.
Hellyoda: Real, that was.

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