"Birth-of-a-Bastard" : 144 Blue Soup

party later blue soup bitches focus blur coma
Hellyoda:  Hmmm, coming around I think he is.
Mr. Von Bastard:  Well his eyes are starting to match up.
So, what the hell sent him all crazy?
Hellyoda: Too much PCP, not enough MDA, mixed in to stew I did.
Mr. Von Bastard: Ah yes, your old blue soup. Err... you got any left of that?
Hellyoda: Cauldron of it I have left. Party I’m having later, bring your wife you should. Other bitches there will be.
Mr. Von Bastard: Yeah, cool. I ... oh here he comes. I think. Hello... can you hear me?
Hellyoda: Hello? Hear us can you?
Heinrich Von Bastard: mmmphhphmmbrbrbrb...

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