"Birth-of-a-Bastard" : 126 Out of Mana

OOM out of Mana power drain
Heinrich Von Bastard:  Gahh-h-h-r-gh!!! What the hell?
Hellyoda: Mmhhm, yes. Arcane shock you are feeling. Very debilitating it is.
Heinrich Von Bastard: Oh... t-t-this is-s messsed u-up.
Hellyoda:  Yes, uses a lot of mana, transformation does.
Heinrich Von Bastard: y-y-you c-could have m-ment-tioned that-t b-b-before I flicked thoggh th-thi-th-thirty s-seven f-forms l-like a f-flip a-n-n-n-i-nimation-nn-n b-book.
Hellyoda: Yes... Yes, I could have. But, more amusing, this was, to watch.

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