"Birth-of-a-Bastard" : 112 Overproof

unstable batch over proof blood beer hell leviathan explosion
Deputy Jonah: Sheriff, we’ve got a bit of a problem...
Sheriff Von Bastard: Yeah?
Mad Scientist: Everyone’s selling their blood to afford the Blutbrau, but they’re drinking it with less blood so it’s affecting them more. This makes the mix more volatile because their reconstituted blood is pretoxicated when they sell it to us. It makes a very unstable mix and I don’t think the brewery can handle it.
And if anything happens to the brewery it’ll destroy the economy we have established, and the value of the blood will-


Sheriff Von Bastard: Yeah... well thanks for the advanced warning and heads up on that one, guys. ...so awesome that we have all this extra time with which to avert this disaster.

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