"Birth-of-a-Bastard" : 109 Drought

alcohol drought cowboys leviathan whiskey beer skeleton
Sheriff Von Bastard:  Nothiing like a peaceful whatever day it is afternoon nap in a fishnet hammock.
Deputy Jonah:  Sheriff, wake up! It’s finally happened!
Sheriff Von Bastard:  hmmm, huh, what?
Deputy Jonah: The Town’s dry. We’re out of booze.
Sheriff Von Bastard:  I see, better call a Town meeting. I’ll be there soon.
Alright everyone, calm down. I kept aside this giant flask of 21 year old scotch in case such an emergency arose.
Leviatown Citizen 1: Phew
Leviatown Citizen 2: Oh thank God
Leviatown Citizen 3: Oh sweet
Sheriff Von Bastard:  Yes... [drinking] Looking forward to hearing what the rest of you have planned.
Bottom’s up.

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